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Online game Zu Online

Online game Zu Online

Online game Zu Online

Перейти на сайт 20.09.2009, 21:39
Online game Zu Online is a free to play 3D MMO based upon a novel of Chinese mythology. The storyline concerns a great evil, the Blood Demon, and a fight long ago that caused a precious relic that was key to his destruction was shattered. Your task is, naturally, to battle against the demon and his forces and try to halt the destruction of the land of Zu. There are five clans to join, each representing a different class and philosophy.

Select from several different quest types to gain experience, level up and raise a pet/mount, and participate in several scheduled live events each day. There are a few PvP modes too, including castle sieges. There is an item shop for paid upgrades for you or your pet.

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