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Online game MMORPG 2029 Online

Online game MMORPG 2029 Online

Online game MMORPG 2029 Online

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Online game MMORPG 2029 Online

2029 Online is a sci-fi based MMORPG. The story of 2029 Online centers around a galactic inter-species discord on an alien planet called Helen Continent. Conflict has become entrenched, as each culture refuses to back down and fights for its own survival and domination. As the foundations of justice and order crumble, a mass of brave people have risen up to defend peace on this war-stricken planet. As you progress in the game, you can easily develop your skills and gain a reputation as a raider of unique skill. If you hit a high level, you can run feral raids to solidify your heroic reputation, but remember, this MMO is not just about killing, but about fame and faith.

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