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Online game World of Warcraft

Online game World of Warcraft

Online game World of Warcraft

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Online game World of Warcraft

Azeroth is a world whose lengthy and tumultuous history is forged in the fires of unremitting conflict. It has been four years since Chaos reigned over this scarred world and King Arthas of Lordaeron was driven mad by haunting visions of the Frozen Thrown of Icecrown. As was inevitable, history now repeats itself as armies of the Horde and the Alliance prove their mettle on battlegrounds and clash weapons and magic in colossal, organized territorial raids. Your time has come. Choose a side, sharpen your skills, and make your mark on Azeroth history.

World of Warcraft is the first MMOG in the (so far) four part Warcraft series, with previous Warcraft titles being RTS games. Like most MMOs, players may find adventure in fighting various monsters and in performing missions offered by numerous NPCs throughout Azeroth. In World of Warcraft, success in these endeavors yields rewards in the form of currency, items and experience. Players may also take part in PvP battles in the forms of dueling and fights with players of opposing factions. In the early to middle stages of exploration around Azeroth, most monsters and quests can be handled solo. Past that point, however, more and more gameplay will require a good team of players, usually two to five in number. Large-scale raids can require up to 40 players to succeed.

At level 40, players are able to purchase a mount based on their character's race and reputation which can be summoned at will. These are expensive to purchase and train, but add to the player’s status and significantly increase their speed of travel. Unfortunately, players may not engage in combat while on a mount. The level cap in World of Warcraft is 60 for those without the expansions, with rewards for successful raids at this level being in the form of rare loot. With the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, the level cap is now 80.

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