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Online game YS Online - The Call of Solum

Online game YS Online - The Call of Solum

Online game YS Online - The Call of Solum

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Online game YS Online - The Call of Solum

Based upon the long-running Ys RPG series, Ys Online is an upcoming fantasy MMORPG with anime-influenced graphics. The game incorporates the hero of the Ys games, Arol the Red, and takes place in the familiar world of Esteria.

The storyline concerns the aftermath of the fallen Romune Empire and heroes from several different lands coming together to fight off invading hordes and starting a new chapter in Esterian history.

The game features three races - Eresians, Afrocans, and Kimoans, and either mage or fighter class paths within each. Eresians are balanced, Afrocans are large, strong warriors, and the cat-eared Kimoans are nimble and skilled.

Along with the expected quests and hunting, the game also features instanced dungeons, a crafting system, and a card based enhancement system that allows one to strengthen everything from weapons and gear, learn skills, and summon pets.

There are also several PvP modes, including guild vs. guild. Currently, outside of the Korean version, Ys Online is only playable in Europe. Other countries are subject to an IP block due to licensing issues. Ys Online is free to play and will be cash shop supported.

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