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Online game zOMG

Online game zOMG

Online game zOMG

Перейти на сайт 20.09.2009, 22:30
Online game zOMG! is a 2D, casual browser-based MMO from Gaia Online, the popular web community. While Gaia has minigames, this is their first foray into the MMO space. The game utilizes your Gaia avatar (or log in as a guest using a premade character) and starts an adventure against a mysterious invasion by the Animated: mundane, formerly inanimate objects come to life (the tutorial level will have you fighting toilet plungers).

Players fight using a series of magical rings that grant a variety of powers, as well as powerups learned throughout. Soloing is possible, though teaming up is encouraged. The game also features many quests, side activities tied to socializing, minigames, and lots of item crafting. Since Gaia Online already sells virtual items, any customization options you buy for your avatar will carry over into zOMG! as none of the rings or powerups will be visible on your character. zOMG! plans to continue to add areas and features.

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