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Online game 2Moons

Online game 2Moons is an adaptation of the Korean MMORPG, Dekaron, for Western audiences. The game is published by Acclaim Games and developed by GameHi under the direction of David Perry. 2Moons is a fantasy MMOG employing the use of an Item Mall system.

History of Haran

Of the birth of Haran, many things are said. The Bagi say
it was Barak, God of Battle who created the world so that he might populate it with creatures to war with one another and so honor him. The Incar say it was Karenas, The World-Bearer who thought Haran into being. This even though Trieste herself did not know how the world came to be. It did not matter, she said. What mattered was that there was Haran and there was The Abyss.
One was a world of light, and the other, a dimension of darkness.

Always it is this way. In all realities, in all universes, in all
beings there is that which devours and that which grows. When the world was young and unstable, wracked with earthquakes, pocked with volcanoes spewing ash and lava into the sky, drowned with constant floods, there was still life. There was no creature then to name them,
but those who came after called them dragons. They ruled the water, the land, the sky – no beast could stand against them. And it was this that proved to be their downfall. The dragons multiplied unimpeded for countless centuries, each breed at war with the others until the conflict built to a war that encompassed the globe. A hundred years passed that saw the face of Haran scorched, the soil befouled, the water tainted with the blood the countless dead until only a scarce few remained.

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Online game Zu Online

Online game Zu Online is a free to play 3D MMO based upon a novel of Chinese mythology. The storyline concerns a great evil, the Blood Demon, and a fight long ago that caused a precious relic that was key to his destruction was shattered. Your task is, naturally, to battle against the demon and his forces and try to halt the destruction of the land of Zu. There are five clans to join, each representing a different class and philosophy.

Select from several different quest types to gain experience, level up and raise a pet/mount, and participate in several scheduled live events each day. There are a few PvP modes too, including castle sieges. There is an item shop for paid upgrades for you or your pet.

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Online game MMORPG 2029 Online

Online game MMORPG 2029 Online

2029 Online is a sci-fi based MMORPG. The story of 2029 Online centers around a galactic inter-species discord on an alien planet called Helen Continent. Conflict has become entrenched, as each culture refuses to back down and fights for its own survival and domination. As the foundations of justice and order crumble, a mass of brave people have risen up to defend peace on this war-stricken planet. As you progress in the game, you can easily develop your skills and gain a reputation as a raider of unique skill. If you hit a high level, you can run feral raids to solidify your heroic reputation, but remember, this MMO is not just about killing, but about fame and faith.

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Online game Eudemons Online

Eudemons Online is a free fantasy MMORPG.
In this mythical world, you can choose to be a warrior, a mage or a paladin. Command your hero and his/her Eudemons throughout a vast array of sweeping supernatural lands. Join your brothers in arms and wage war against the encroaching darkness.
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Original Military FPS SUDDEN ATTACK


The 800 men led by Jan Hawk were already world-renowned specialists. The
characteristic of Silent Fox unit was maximizing the effect with minimum
number of people and maximizing each member’s skills and abilities. Also,
besides the Silent Fox in those 800 men, there was another unit called W-Scout
who specialized in spying, sniping, assassination, harassment, and explosion.
Both units are tied in perfectly that there is realistically no “failure.” These 800
men had hoped that the cruelty of Tanzirilean government and wrongdoings

of UG-Forces would be known to the world so they could return home proudly.

As time went by, the world was heated up with anti-war sentiment. It seemed impossible for UG-Forces to dispatch its troops due to the public sentiment. However, it was obvious to see that once the rebels take over, and negative facts about UG-Forces would spread everywhere.
The solution that UG-Forces came up was dispatching a public police unit to maintain the public order. The public opinion was approval of this idea, since news about robbery and crimes were broadcasted everyday.UG-Forces formed a special unit made up of police from each country. Over 1000 special policemen that are capable of anti-terrorist works gathered. The UG-Forces named this unit “S.A.”
At the moment of dispatch, the TV channels displayed public policemen getting on the airplanes, along with scenes of anti-terrorist policemen getting on the troop carriers with loads of weapons 250 km away.

Special force “S.A.” was dispatched to battle field intended to face Jan Hawk’s troops and suppress all of their tactical operations, and to search for Jan Hawk and to catch him alive.
The first battle with Jan Hawk’s troops happen at Southern part of government’s occupation. Jan Hawk’s W-Scout troops had infiltrated deep within the region of government force, shot down armed UH-60 with S.A. on board, and stole the information inside the helicopter. With this incident, Jan Hawk was able to gather the essential information about the anti-terrorist police force in advance.

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